Become an exclusive member of ChairsideLAB services dedicated to providing you solutions through attentive support and vast network of resources for all your digital dentistry needs​.


Whether your goal is to:

-Establish a complete on-site digital dental lab

-Apply some digital dentistry components to your current practice to enhance your workflow

We can help you establish an organic, sustainable and profitable digital dental lab system.


ChairsideLAB Solutions provides complete selection of products and all-around support with all-inclusive pricing options.

Lab Equipment Options and Configuration

We configure the most optimal and economical assortment of components needed to realize your on-site lab's desired output. The vacant corner space or the storage room can transform into a cutting-edge digital dental laboratory.

Specialist Support

Get exclusive support from one of our specialists. They are technicians and contemporary professionals in digital dentistry with expert knowledge. We provide remote advisory service designed to support and solve any digital dentistry related issue

Installation & Basic Training

We deliver, install and provide basic training for all digital dentistry-related equipment in your on-site lab. 

Staff Integration Training

We partnered with Digital Dental Craftsmen to provide the necessary training to allow your staff to become a skilled dental technician. Grant a clear pathway and opportunity of career development for your staff who you already verify and trust.

On-site Technician Recruitment

We utilize our network of skilled and dedicated technicians all over the world to source the right technician for your on-site lab.

Deep discounts 

Receive significant discounts on dental products, services and education

-Remote single unit case designs

-Implant planning and surgical guide fabrication

-Full mouth rehabilitation cases

-Live and online courses


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